Saturday, March 5, 2016

Hey, Handsome!

I'm going to be honest. I don't have one of my usual wordy, clever and funny posts for you today. Today, it's pretty much about bragging.

You see, Christmas before last, I knit a sweater. It was a really handsome sweater. It was for my brother, who is a really handsome guy. And last week, this sweater and this brother were both at my house, and so I got a photo ... or two.

Libby, what do you want me to DO?

Staring pensively off into space

Trying not to laugh

Failing not to laugh

Am I going to be late? 

Are you seriously still taking pictures?

Libby, you're ridiculous.

Notes on the sweater: Knit from Vintage yarn* in gray and navy, based on this picture** but using Elizabeth Zimmermann's method for round yoke sweaters found in this book. (Although that link is for the new and improved edition and mine is the old and still awesome edition.) I made a wild guess of how much yarn to buy and ended up with enough extra to make a sweater for Munchkin.

*My second-favorite all-purpose yarn. Highly recommend. 

**Could we take a moment to discuss how much more attractive and friendly my brother is than that sweater model in the link? And how much more attractive his collar is than the collar on the model's sweater? What were they thinking? 

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