Saturday, April 30, 2016

Happy Birthday to Mei-Mei

Dear Mei-Mei,
Happy birthday, sweetheart. You're turning three right now. It's 9:35 pm on April 30 here, which means that it's 9:35 am on May 1 in Z-- City, China. You've had breakfast probably, and what are you doing now? Are you playing? It's still cool right now in Z-- City, 68 degrees, but it's supposed to be warm later today. Maybe you'll get to play outside and soak up the sunshine after lunch. 

I hope you have people celebrating you today. I hope you've been talking for the past week about your birthday and the special things you get to do today. I hope your aunties smile at you and delight in your joy as you unwrap a present, or slurp your birthday noodles. I hope they see and celebrate your specialness because oh, Mei-Mei, you are so special! Your light and your joy shine out of your pictures, and you sparkle in the one little video that we have of you. Danny once sat and clicked "play again" 22 times on that video, watching it over and over, but I think I've watched it just as many times. You do such a happy little dance in that video, and I can't wait to dance with you. I think perhaps I should get some twirly skirts for the two of us. It seems like the little girl who danced in that video might like to twirl round and round 'til she fell down dizzy and laughing. 

I can't wait to hear you laugh. Better yet, to make you laugh. 

I love you so much, Mei-Mei. 

Happy birthday,