Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Letter to Munchkin

Dear Munchkin,

You are an irresistible bundle of sweet thoughtfulness, cheerful observations and big brown eyes, with just a pinch (ok, we'll call it a dash) of intractable stubbornness thrown in to keep it real. However, these days, according to the blog and Facebook, you're being underrepresented. Twinkle is definitely showing up in the lion's share of anecdotes, quotes and cute pictures.

As an oldest child myself, I know someday you're going to catalogue all my media outlets and then accuse me of partiality and dual standards and imply that you got the short end of the parenting stick.

This is simply untrue.

I adore you to bits, but all the motherly adoration in the world is not going to make up for the fact that you are notoriously camera shy

and your brother is a giant ham.

also the fact that your brother clearly loves nothing more than to have the camera lens turned on him

and you would much prefer to wield the camera yourself, producing such masterpieces as:

and this*:

*Actually, these ARE the masterpieces of your photography collection being both A: of a subject and B: more or less in focus.

And while I don't have any awesome quotes to share from you right now (your conversation swinging between taciturn silence and a monologue on the unique characteristics of all the trains on Thomas and Friends and their pertinent plot points) I do want to record for posterity that right now, instead of saying "Clarabelle," the name of one of Thomas's coaches, you call both of the coaches / kle…ôbelz/ and it is the cutest thing ever. My knowledge of IPA is insufficient to render the gentle lisp that you give the word and your concern over the Clarabelles' fate is equally gentle and sweet.

Hugs and kisses,