Thursday, January 1, 2015

Randomly on ... Thursday. Ahem.

1. Christmastime as a mother of children is unutterably different from Christmastime as either a child or as a childless adult. The entire spirit of Christmas hinges upon the capricious good mood of a young person or persons who often fail to grasp the magic of the season.

2. I would like, at this time, to apologize to both my mother and my sister Molly, for the great impatience and lack of sympathy I exhibited when we were children and she had an ear ache at Christmas and delayed our Christmas Morning by an unpardonable half an hour. Being sick at Christmas is certainly no fun (sorry Molly) and being the mother of a sick child at Christmas is downright wretched (sorry Mama).

3. If you haven't been able to discern from the above, Twinkle was sick over Christmas and while I hope and believe that Christmas wasn't ruined for anyone, I know that a bit of the sparkle was a bit tarnished, what with the juggling and cajoling and worrying and should-we-put-him-back-to-bedding. But that's life, I suppose. Christmas is only ever perfect in retrospect.

4. He's fine now, though.

5. If you aren't sick of Christmas candy and cookies yet, it's an excellent time to buy both, perhaps to take to a New Year's Eve party. Ornament cookie kits are 99 cents at Aldi.

6. I am knitting a black hole. Possessing a rather shaky knowledge of physics (upon examination of transcripts, it appears I escaped the halls of education without ever taking it) I am unsure of the geological implications of opening a small, wool black hole in downtown Chattanooga, but judging from Star Trek, perhaps my neighbors and friends would do well to purchase a bit of property insurance.

7. Our beloved (by me) Fontanini nativity set is holding up well to the dual onslaught of cats and children. 'Stache, being raised using a very precious and delicate ceramic nativity set in his childhood, tends to spring out of his chair in alarm whenever he sees one of the children playing with it. The fact that it is plastic doesn't seem to have fully reached his hindbrain. However, due to children (or cats) it seems that Baby Jesus has gone missing. Hopefully he will be found before the end of the Christmas season.

8. We celebrate Christmas until and including January 6th, traditionally the Feast of Epiphany. This does wreak small havoc with New Year's resolutions, though. Five days of scrupulous observance to the new diet then a PARTY!!! And then on the 7th you have to climb back on the wagon again.