Monday, October 26, 2015

A Bundle of Baby Things

One of my dear friends just had a baby, and of course he needed some woolies.

Let us pause for a moment to revel in the wonderfulness of babies in general and knitting for babies in general. The startling smallness of the little humans. The tiny little sweaters and hats. So many soft lovely things. Squee!

And this baby in particular is so adorable, just a little morsel of cuteness. But in the interest of privacy and good decisions, he won't be making his internet debut just yet, so it's just pictures of knitting today.

So much knitting!
I'm really happy with this layette. My friend has wonderful taste and is always dressed beautifully and fashionably. Which makes her a little intimidating to knit for, because my idea of high fashion is putting a necklace on with my t-shirt and jeans. But we cruised around the internet together and came up with a lineup that was simple and classic and also a touch sophisticated. Just a touch, because my friend and I decided that babies do not lend themselves to sophistication. Babies are about round and cuddly and not about standing tall and being sleek and elegant. But we tried, and I like it.

So here's what I did.

Title: a complete knock-off of this hat. It's a free pattern, so I don't know why I copied it instead of just following the pattern. 
Design: a garter stitch hat knit vertically, with a paper-bag top, gathered with a twisted rope of yarn, size small
Materials: Cascade 220 Superwash, in 1910 Summer Sky Heather (I think? I can't find any of my labels.)
Finished: October 2015

Title: a total knock-off of this hat. Again, no idea why I copied a pattern that was available for free. So much unnecessary effort.
Design: a toboggon-style hat with a garter stitch brim and ear-muffs. The body of the hat is ribs of stockinette with garter stitch in between, topped with a pom-pom. Size large (for a baby)
Materials: Berocco Vintage, in Dove
Finished: October 2015

A hat with a pom-pom on top is ideal for a baby that still is going to spend a lot of time lying on his back or in a car seat. And ear-muffs are both adorable and practical on a baby. 

Title: First Outing (designed by me!)
Design: a stockinette vest with garter stitch trim and buttons on the side and straps, size Newborn
Materials: Berocco Vintage, in Dove
Finished: October 2015

Title: baby pants in the method of Elizabeth Zimmermann
Design: stockinette pants with ribbed cuffs and waistband, gathered with an i-cord tie, size 0-3 months
Materials: Berocco Vintage, in Dove
Finished: October 2015

Title: On the Go-veralls, by Heidi Lehman
Design: stockinette overalls with garter stitch trim and buttoned straps, size 0-6
Materials: Cascade 220 Superwash, in 1926 Doeskin Heather
Finished: October 2015

This was a really fun knit, and I love the idea of knitted overalls. However if I make them for a older child in the future, I'll use a chunky wool instead of the worsted that the pattern calls for. The fabric that the worsted yarn makes is a little thin for something that a child would be crawling around in on their hands and knees. Also, the pattern calls for 200 yards for the smallest size, but it used all but a smidge of my 220 yards of Cascade 220.

Title: Pull Gaspard, by Christine Rouville
Design: a stockinette pullover with garter stitch cuffs, sailor collar and kangaroo pocket, size 0-6 months
Materials: Cascade 220 Superwash, in 1910 Summer Sky Heather
Finished: October 2015

I very rarely buy patterns because there are so many great free patterns on the internet, but I bought this one and I'm very glad I did. It's such a clever, stylish design, and it would not have been easy to reverse-engineer from the pictures. 

I finished off the layette with a wee little gnome. I'm slightly obsessed with gnomes, peg dolls and other simple dolls with blank faces. I think they lend themselves to imaginative play very well and they're so iconic. 

Title: garter stitch gnome. I used a pattern once but now it's just in my head and I have no idea whose pattern it was
Design: stuffed gnome with garter stitch body and stockinette face and hat, 6" tall 
Materials: Cascade 220 Superwash in 1910 Summer Sky, white cotton
Finished: October 2015

Ta-da! I hope you enjoy your woolies, little one; it's starting to get cold! 

While I was taking these pictures, Munchkin wanted me to take a picture of him digging ... 

Munchkin's favorite outdoor play right now is digging in his dirt hole.

And then Twinkle had to get in on the action, too ... 

That smile! The dimples!

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  1. As always, beautiful work, Libby!