Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Randomly On Wednesday

1. Apparently allergy season isn't over. I spent Monday sneezing 5 or 6 times every 5 or 6 minutes. I went through an entire roll of toilet tissue. Munchkin likes to watch my nose drip and say "Eeeeeeewwwwww!" Anyone who can direct me to local honey or allergy meds that actually work will receive a pound cake.

2. When I counted the number of books (707) in my house the other week I completely forgot about the 468 on my Kindle.

3. If I think about it too much it makes me nervous to take my Kindle out of the house. If you figure an average price of $4.99 per book, my Kindle is worth more than our car.

4. I am 5 smidges away from finishing a sweater (and having something fun to blog about, yay!) but I keep doing things like checking facebook and erm, blogging about having something good to blog about in the future. Ahem.

5. A friend informed me today that not all cinnamon is actual cinnamon. Some is fake and doesn't have the same health benefits. For one kind, the sticks are like a pair of binoculars, or a scroll, and the other kind the sticks are all single rolls. She couldn't remember which is which but this distinction is effectively irrelevant because all my cinnamon is powdered. Would it say somewhere on the label, "Sorry this only pretends to be cinnamon but we hope you like the taste anyway?"


6. My cinnamon (or is it "cinnamon?") does not list ingredients but merely wishes to inform me that "Ground cinnamon comes from the bark of selected cassia trees. It is a traditional spice for baking and desserts." This seems evasive. I am suspicious.

7. Twinkle likes to drift between various British accents for certain words. "Daddy" is being pronounced "dotty," "dirty" is "doidy" and "no" is a broad, Cockney "nyaow."

8. Twinkle is also completely convinced that he and Munchkin have the same name. (His.) All arguments to dissuade him have been met with an unshakable confidence that he is in the right.

9. A random picture from this summer for visual interest and for those (you know who you are!) who only read my blog for the cute pics of their grandchildren.

Photo courtesy of Rachael Kulick Photography
10. Ohhhhh Twinkle was such a round-faced baby when this picture was taken. Must. Take. More. Photos.

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