Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Randomly on Wednesday

1. The time, the dreaded time has come, when the only things still undone on my children's Halloween costumes are the buttonholes and buttons. I have 2 children, each child's costume requires 6 buttons, that is TWELVE buttons total and (much much worse) TWELVE buttonholes. Yes, I can hear you from here, "Couldn't you do a zipper?" "It's just a costume, what's wrong with velcro?" and to that I say: "No. I can't. My boys would break a zipper in under 0.25 seconds, and I am deeply suspcious of velcro. I just can't do it."

2. The overlarge slices of cake at City Cafe are the perfect size when split between 2 adults and 2 toddlers.

3. Men's and unmarried women's fingerprints run faster because they don't have to run a maiden name.

4. 'Stache, Munchkin, Twinkle and I collectively own 707 books.

5. As of this moment 'Stache's favorite is something hilariously funny he's reading on his cell phone. Munchkin's favorite book is If You Give A Mouse A Cookie, Twinkle's favorite is The Elusive Moose, and I (being constitutionally incapable of committing to a favorite) am currently enjoying The Fifth Elephant. 

6. Munchkin has renamed our invisible cat. Demi's new name is Mouse. As she is gray, big eared and shy, this is an oddly perfect name.

7. I am doing an experiment. Honey and cinnamon are supposed to be good for your general health and particularly good at treating (or is it preventing?) colds. Munchkin, Twinkle and I are eating one large spoon of cinnamon honey each night (Don't worry, Grandpa, we brush teeth right after!) and I am tracking how long we go without catching colds or coughs. Twinkle had a cold before we started this little regimen, so not counting that one, we have been cold-free for 10 days. I'll keep you posted.

8. Twinkle can now ask for "Hun-ee." It's probably my favorite word he says.

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