Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Testing, Testing, 1 2 3 ...

Hello? Hello? Is this thing on?

Hi. I'm Libby Fenn and this is my blog. I am starting this blog because I love creating things, and I wanted to have a place to share the things I make and have a record of my creative progress. I tend to come up with brilliant (or at least rather clever) solutions or patterns or ideas and then, a week or two or five months later, I'll want to do it again and I end up having to reinvent the wheel, trying to recapture the wisps of an idea or reverse engineer the prototype. Hopefully this blog will change that. Of course, that will require me to actually record the boring but vital details and remember to have them handy when I'm writing the blog post, but hope, as they say, ever springs eternal.

In addition, there will probably be an element of the family blog to Pins in My Shirt, mostly because I have a pretty incredible (although undeniably unusual) husband, and two remarkably cute little boys, and I feel like their antics deserve to be archived. However, the internet being what it is, I'll be referring to them by nicknames for the sake of their privacy. Nothing quite like googling yourself at the age of 15 and discovering that the top hit is a blog post devoted to the details of your diaper rash and the steps that your oh-so-loving mother took to cure it.

(So if any my friends or family are commenting on this blog, if you could use these nicknames too, that would be awesome.)

My husband is going to go by the name of 'Stache, because, as you can see ...

He has a rather impressive mustache, as well as a bit of a piratical flair. (Come on. Wouldn't you do it for free Krispy Kremes?)

My older son, who is two, is going to be called Munchkin.

Courtesy of Rachael Kulick Photography
See? I told you he was remarkably cute. But wait till you see his little brother, who is nearly one year old and is going to be known as Twinkle:

Courtesy of Timeless Moments by M

And I, being the author of this blog and thus responsible for what I say about me, will be using my real name, Libby.

Courtesy of Rachael Kulick Photography

(Don't you love how Twinkle seems to be in the act of pouncing on Rabbit? Quite a feat for a child who wasn't even crawling at the time)

I hope that you will enjoy reading about my various works-in-progress (and who knows, maybe a completed project once in a while!), possibly learning a new trick or two, and accompanying me in this messy, creative, difficult, wonderful thing commonly known as life.

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  1. What a great way to keep a record of your projects! Too bad you don't have a photo of the miniature baby grand piano you crocheted 10 years ago.
    Mary Mallory