Sunday, January 19, 2014

Munchkin Socks

I've been working on a pair of socks for Munchkin. I'm using the (substantial) leftovers from making 'Stache a pair of socks. I even hope to have enough leftovers from Munchkin's to make a pair for Twinkle. Maybe if I stretch the sock yarn with a few stripes of something else? Who knew that a Zauberball had this much yarn?

I'm sure I'll have enough to do the ankles, maybe if I run out I'll do the feet in a different color so that when they're all wearing shoes, they'll still match? The picture in my head is just adorable, although I know the reality will probably be a bit less Hallmark-y.

Zauberball yarn is a two-ply yarn that shifts slowly from one color to the next, and may not ever exactly repeat itself. This produces socks that are definitely fraternal, rather than identical, or may not look even related at all. The ones I've done so far look to be at least in the same color family, shifting from purple to black to teal to gray. The original idea was to make socks that 'Stache could wear to work, but that weren't deadly dull for me to knit. These have been lots of fun!

As you can see, I've only knit one.

In my defense, the first sock I knit was too short, and I had to rip it back and add 1/2". I decided that since I'm not really following a pattern, and since I have now managed to make a sock that actually fits him, maybe I should write down what I did so I can do it again. Also, these are dark socks, making repeated countings of rows and stitches something to be avoided.

Sock Recipe for a Boy with Size 7 and 1/2 (?) Feet 

Light to mediumweight sock yarn, size 3 knitting needles

Cast on 44 st over 3 needles.
Knit in 2x2 ribbing for 10 rounds.
Knit in stockinette for 17 rounds.
On 1/2 the stitches, make a short row heel, using Cat Bordhi's wrap and turn technique. The "corner" of the heel is when you have 8 live stitches left in the middle of your wrapped ones.
Knit in stockinette for 25 rounds
Decrease 4 stitches every 2 rounds until you have 12 stitches left.
Cut off your yarn, leaving a generous tail, and sew the stitches together with Kitchener stitch.
Weave in and trim your ends.

*Fair Warning* I haven't test knitted this pattern so mistakes may lurk - call out if you spot any.

These are the 3rd pair of socks I've knit for Munchkin. The first pair were from leftovers from a Zauberball pair I knit for myself! They were about 6 month size, and fit for about 30 seconds. Hopefully these will last longer.

Munchkin says: "Silly Mama, don't you know that a pair means two socks? Stop blogging and start knitting! My feet are growing! There's no time to waste!"


  1. Size 3 needles? It makes my fingers cramp just to think about it! Sock looks good though and the model is definitely a keeper.
    Mary Mallory

  2. It is a very cute sock on a very cute foot. I am highly impressed! Can't wait to see the pair.