Monday, May 30, 2016

Still Not Tired of Half-Square Triangles

Today, when not hacking up a lung or wiping Twinkle's perpetually runny nose, I finished a project. 

If you make a Flying Geese block using a certain method*, you get two little Half-Square Triangle blocks as a side benefit. If you make about 388 Flying Geese blocks, like I did six months ago, you get about 775 little HST blocks. Which is enough to make 5 bags. (The first bag I made before Christmas and is packed with our Christmas stuff and was thus unavailable for photographing.) Each of the HST blocks is about 1.5" square, finished. 

 Something I love about HST blocks is that there are so many ways to arrange them:

The drawstring, lining and casing (that red and white strip) on this bag is a piece from my great-grandmother's stash. 

I'm pretty crazy about them. not gonna lie. Which is a good thing because as many hours as these took to piece, assemble and finish (Not to speak of the original Flying Geese/HST piecing!), I definitely wouldn't be able to sell them for a reasonable price! All of them have a different arrangement of HST blocks, and each one has a different color lining and matching drawstring.

The really incredible thing is, after 775 squares ... I'm still not tired of them.

*I intended to include a link to this method, but Google is failing me. I shall have to do a tutorial of my own sometime soon!

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