Friday, December 18, 2015

Still Doable?

Christmas is so very nearly here, and I am so very not ready for it. I've reached the point in my knitting where I'm timing myself on how many minutes it takes me to to a round, and then calculating how long that means the rest of the sweater will take, and then adding a very rough guess of how much time the finishing up will take, and dividing that by the number of days left to try to create a game plan that results in me finishing on time. I eventually do this with most of my major deadlines, and it's never a good sign.

On the docket we have: 

1. The Norwegian sweater

Status: Finished the colorwork band and am racing towards the shoulders. After I finish knitting the body, I have to cut the steeks, sew all the seams, block the sweater, knit bands to cover the seams, sew in the bands, and then knit the ribbing for the neckline. 
Prospects: I'm nervous. Really nervous. Fortunately the steps after I get through knitting the body all take much less time than the knitting, but there are lots of steps. And I'm making this pattern up and it sounds good in my head, but my head is stupid sometimes, so I'm nervous. Really nervous. 

2. One sock

Status: Still a ball. I'm concentrating my knitting efforts on the sweater, on the basis that my sister has already waited a year for it and it's better to have one undone project than two half-done projects. 
Prospects: Worried. 

3. Pair of felted clogs

Status: Still in balls. 
Prospects: absolutely not happening. If you're reading this, 'Stache, I'm so sorry, and I promise I'll have them done before the cold weather goes away. 

4. Raspberry liqueur 

Status: Aging beautifully. It's amazing to have a gift where forgetting about it for a month is part of the process. 
Prospects: Excellent, although I still don't have any cute little bottles to give it in. 

5. Lots of pajama pants 

Status: Um, I bought fabric. That's progress, right? The trouble here is that like an utter eejit I left my sewing machine in another state last week. I'm definitely not up for hand sewing pajamas, so the project's on hold. 
Prospects: Pretty positive. I'll get my sewing machine back this weekend and I don't have to have these done until January 6th. Also, one of the many reasons I adore sewing pajama pants is that they are quick. 

6. Five stuffed animals 
Status: Done! 

It was quite a journey. When you sew them together, they look like this, which doesn't inspire much confidence: 

But then you add stuffing (I completely overbought on stuffing, I thought I needed about 8 lbs and so bought 10. Here it is exploding out of the box. And that's after using what I needed!)

... and they become completely adorable.

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