Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Randomly on Wednesday

1. Projects I'm actively working on right now: knitting a pair of socks, knitting a baby diaper cover, sewing a little lacy baby dress, sewing myself a blouse, sewing Sam a quilt, sewing scrappy quilt squares, making a drawer spice rack out of cardboard.

2. There is totally a part of my brain that looks at that ridiculous list and thinks that if I had one full day without the kids, (or maybe a weekend, worse case scenario), everything on the list would be done like dinner.

3. This list is not my to-do list, which is much longer. It's just the things I'm actually working on at the moment.

4. Children will eat things that you would never dream of. Today's unsupervised snack was 2 cups of Maruchan chicken noodles, softened slightly with cold water and then broken into a thousand pieces, at least 950 of which I had to pick up off the floor.

5. We recently put a chain lock on our front door and it has made life 1000% better. Both our kids but especially Twinkle have this terrible habit of waltzing out our front door without the slightest warning.

6. This was particularly terrifying when he would sneak out of his room at nap time, because the time your children are supposed to be in bed sound asleep is not the time you're actively patrolling the grounds. That's sort of the point of nap time.

7. Yes, of course we would lock the door, but both our boys have known how to lock and unlock our doors for months.

8. So the chain lock, if I didn't mention it, is AWESOME.

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